Oigawa Railway Group recognize the importance of handling Personal Information carefully. To ensure its protection, We are working as follows.

  1. Legal compliance

    When we handle with personal information, we will keep the laws and other norms regarding personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Law.

  2. Employee Education

    We educate all employees including officers about protection of personal information.

  3. Collection and use of personal information

    (1)When we collect personal information from customers, we clearly explain the purpose of collection and the point of contact.
    (2)We will use the personal information of our customers only for the purpose we explained.

  4. Disclosure of personal information

    We will not disclose or provide the information to others without the prior approval of the customer, unless it is legally requested.

  5. Security of personal information

    We ensure security in order to prevent personal information from being losed, destructed, falsified and leaked.

  6. Continuous Improvement

    We will continue to strengthen and improve our internal system for properly management of the personal information we collect.

  7. About Oigawa Railway Group

    Oigawa Railway Group consists of Oigawa Railway Co., Ltd. and Daitetsu Advance Co., Ltd.

Share of Customers' Personal Data between Companies of Oigawa Railway

Share of Customers' Personal Data

Oigawa Railway Group is a group of companies and consists of Oigawa Railway Co., Ltd. and Daitetsu Advance Co., Ltd.. We strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing high service to customers continuously.
For that, we would like to share your personal data only when it is necessary to carry out the work that each group company is doing directly or by consignment.

Definition of personal Information

Personal information is information that can identify the individual by name, date of birth, address, contact information such as telephone number, email address, and other description.

Handling of Personal Information

  1. The purpose of using personal information is as follows.
    1. To analyze purchasing of customers and our service
    2. To offer information of our product and service to customers
    3. To offer and share information via social media.
    4. To send questionnaires for product development, store management, service improvement, etc.
    5. To make an emergency call to the customers in case of there is a failure of a product or service
  2. Information Collected by Degital Technology
    1. We use Cookie to protect privacy, improve convenience, offer advertisments and collect statistical data.
    2. We may use technology such as Cookie and JavaScript to obtain information such as age, gender, occupation, and residential area and device type that cannot identify individuals.
  3. Provision of Personal Information to Others
    1. In order to provide product and service information to our customers, we may offer your personal information to a service agent.
    2. We may share the personal information the customers have agreed to share or offer on social media with the operating/managing company of social media. However, if you use such services, you are subject to the terms of use and personal information protection policy of those services, it is not under our control.
  4. Customers can request their own personal information held by us to be disclosed to themselves at any time.
  5. If the customer find its own personal information to be incorrect as a result of disclosure, he/she can request us to correct or delete it.
  6. We use SSL or a similar method to prevent information leakage when collecting customers' personal information.
  7. Contact Details regarding Handle of Personal Information

    Oigawa Railway Co., Ltd.
    2-1112-2 Kanaya-Azuma,Shimada, Shizuoka,
    TEL: +81-547-45-4111 / FAX: +81-547-45-4115